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Nepal is famous because of its mountains: 8 of the 10 highest mountains on earth are in Nepal. Besides this there are many religious expressions with a hindu, buddhist or animist background or a mixture of these as background.


The diversity does not end there. There is  an enormous cultural and ethnic diversity. Some 40 languages are spoken by as many tribes. The climate varies on a distance of 200 kilometer from tropical to arctic due to the difference in height: from 100 meter above sea in the south to the Himalayan mountains the north.  


The average income is about € 500 per year. 80 percent lives from agriculture. Due to the increasing pressure of population deforestation and as a consequence erosion a problem.


Economic opportunities for the landlocked mountainous country are specially on the areas of tourism, ICT and sustainable development ( solar energy, hydraulic energy).


From various backgrounds Nepal needs knowledge of different disciplines. Due to the economic situation after a politically unstable period there are many other possibilities as management. 

The knowledge about sanitation is one of the more urgent issues.





















































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