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1. Adhigama aims to transfer knowledge between the Netherlands and Nepal.


2. This transfer should be supported by the Nepali participants of the projects, this means it should fit within the local possibilities.


2. The transfer of knowledge is bidirectional. There is a contribution from both the Dutch and Nepali participants in either direction. This contribution may vary per project. On the Nepali side it is likely the contribution will have a cultural, religious character, but classical agricultural techniques may come in focus here. 


3. The transfer of knowledge gets a shape in the form of projects that are realized in the areas of e.g. water supply, sanitation, health care, urban planning, agriculture, culture, religion.


4. During the implementation and with the result of the projects the local residents and /or institutions will participate as much as possible. .


5. The Dutch participants ( students, teachers ) 

visit Nepal as to share their knowledge and to be informed about the local circumstances and possibilities.






































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